SUPs at Canoes Plus


We have a range of epoxy, bamboo, soft, and inflatable boards at great prices. Great package deals, and delivery can be arranged. Buy online or instore at Canoes Plus 18000 KAYAK

All L'attitude boards come with 3 fins, EVA deck pad, center carry handle, leash attachment point. Colours and designs may vary.


Blank: High Density EPS Core with 6mm Plywood stringer. This makes our boards stronger and keeps the Rocker.

Shaping: Shaped by special tool by hand by skilled engineers. This insures that every board has a perfect thickness and rocker every time. Once the board has been shaped, it just needs simple hand finishing of the rails. All our Boards are tested by our team of paddle board experts.

Glassing: Standard Boards are glassed with 3 layers of 4OZ Fiberglass on the top and 2 layers of 4OZ on the bottom. Reinforced Rails protect the boards from Paddle damage.

Bamboo Veneer Construction: Glassed with 2 layers of 6OZ Fiberglass + 1 layer of 0.7mm Bamboo on the deck.

Final Coat: A final protective coat of Epoxy is applied on all our Boards