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Basic Skills Kayaking Course.

Next course April 9, 2022


Learn the basic skills that you need to maneuver your kayak in flatwater, around the lake or down the river. A program that goes over all the basic knowledge and things you need to know about your craft, and then teaches you the skills you need get around in style.  

The course will cover the forward stroke, Sweep stroke, back strokes and stopping.  We also teach the draw stroke and edging. If we have time we will touch on the brace and how to use your leans to turn.  We also cover the capsize drill and how to get back in or on your kayak.

The Lessons are taught by some of Australia‚Äôs' top paddlers.  Courses can be taught in recreation, sit on or whitewater kayaks. This 1.5 hr. course is designed for all ages and abilities. Held locally on the Yarra River, as water levels permit. Your instructor will also cover: general paddler safety, correct posture, Basic paddle stroke technique and maneuvering your craft

Usually Saturday mornings 10am - $20 for gear hire