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The Luna 14 is a great stable kayak with V shaped hull, providing an excellent combination of stability and speed. The boat crosses the divide between touring and seakayak with many features you would expect to find on a larger ocean going kayak.


  About 20% lighter than rotational kayak.                      

  Similar weight to Glassfiber kayak.

  More sturdy than Glassfiber/KV/Carbon kayak.


 -Metallic surface

  The ABS combination plates sealed with UV- resistant Acrylic, it can make the shiny surface

  which rotational kayak never have.


 -Excellent Performance

  The material and light-weight structure supply good speech, stability, straight line and controlling     like Glassfiber/KV/Carbon kayaks

Length          Width        Depth       Weight  Cockpit Opening    Max Capacity
       426 CM         59.4 CM       40.9 CM       20 KGS    87 cx 48  CM        155 KGS
         Seat         Rudder      Tightbraces      Front Hatch       Middle Hatch      Rear Hatch
     Adjustable            Yes        Standard     40.2X24.5 CM         ∅ 20.2 CM     50.8X34.7 CM