COVID 19 - the way out


COVID Restrictions and Updates

Our club activities are still suspended for the time being, but it has been great to hear from people either on messenger, or via email showing their ability to get out and enjoy themselves. We have had a bit of water in the rivers lately and I hope this will continue, as we pass in to Winter.  Don’t forget you can get out on the water as long as you observe the physical distancing restrictions ( likely to be lifted after May 11).


Club Renewals

Club Membership and renewals will be due in June. PA will send out renewals to some, that are competitive members, and CPRT/CPKC will send out the rest to those that are on-competitive members. If you feel like you will need some assistance in paying club or training fees, please don’t hesitate to discuss this with us. PA is providing a 25% discount on competitive memberships, But this will unfortunately not extend to non-competitive memberships as the fees only cover insurance.

Fees are looking to be exactly the same as 2019

Competitive $135

Non-Competitive $50

Term training $200

There is also a discount applied to families, but this is dependent on family size, and is usually around 20% on Membership fees only.


You can train at home

I have developed a weekly / monthly home training regime for those interested, or contact me for personalized programs.

Below is also a link, which features a few different ideas on how to stay active.


Facebook pics:

Like us on Facebook, and post some pics of your training or trips

Only pics of paddling with social distancing please.