HIKO Jackpot PFD

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PFD designed for competitive racing in canoe slalom is certified by ICF federation under the standard ISO 12402-5.

What is Jackpot's Slim Shift?

Jackpot's Slim Shift is a modification of the current racing PFD - Jackpot. The front chest panel with original thickness of 22mm has been replaced with foam only 7mm thin. The profile of the vest therefore has been significantly reduced giving the racer room for even tighter gate clearance. 

What is the buoyancy of the new Jackpot?

Identical to the current one. What we trimmed from the chest, we added in the front pillow (volume-wise). The front pillow is little thicker on the new Jackpot. 

Is the pillow of the new Jackpot going to fit to my old spraydeck?

Yes. You will need a little extra push but the new bigger pillow will fit in the current Jackpot pocket without any problem. It still required less strength than putting skirt on your cockpit. 

Can I race in the New Jackpot this year already?

Yes. The new Jackpot is listed under the same ISO certificate as the old one. This means that where you were able to race in the current Jackpot you will be able to race in the new one. 

Sizes  SM, LXL