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ortlieb PD350 Dry bags

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Pack & go! The PD 350 features a roll-down closure and a single stiffener bar. Guaranteed protection for what must stay dry. 
The easily operable roll-down closure is proven to be absolutely safe in any situation. Prior to immersion in water, roll at least four times and close the buckles. 35 L

These German designed bags are the best there is - used by the army, they will take any punishment.

Multi-Use bag for everything you need on your trip. Waterproof if closed properly. Compact when not in use, but great size to fit the gear you need. Fits into little corners of your sea kayak or touring and whitewater boat. Flexible enough for easy storage PVC welded seams and round base. To close properly make sure that the edges are touching and not creased. fold down at least three rolls before closing the buckle.