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In the last year, the more we paddled longer boats, the more we liked them. The custom program has allowed us to really experiment with modern deign concepts and old paddling styles, and fuse them together. The culmination of that is the 303 (303 was Corran Addison's Barcelona Olympics race number).

The boat is fast. Really fast. No seriously - It's fast! It's fast to paddle. It's fast to ferry. It's fast on a wave. It carves fast and it blunts faster. It cartwheels like a scything blade; whap, whap, whap (tell your friends not to get too close!). Long, twirling, spinning stern squirts, pour-over blasting and then blast across the current in the blink of an eye to hit the next spot on the river.

Go run some slalom gates (but don't forget to do some pivots and try to hit the top bar while you're at it), go run some big water, go run your favorite local river. But actually go RUN it - not just float down in a 6' potato.

And surf every feature, large and small, that the river can possibly throw at you.



Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name



10'| 303cm


24.8”| 62.5cm

Height (front)

12.1” | 30.7cm

Height (Back)

6.8” | 17.3cm

Nose Rocker

9” | 22.9cm

Tail Rocker

7” | 17.8cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

34.3”| 87cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

20”| 51cm

Plastic Type (Orange/Yellow)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (Blue)


Boat Weight (Orange/Blue)

44lbs | 20kg

Boat Weight (Yellow/Sunrise)

37lbs | 17kg

General use Paddler Weight

140lbs-210lbs | 64kg-95kg

Playboating Paddler Weight

160lbs – 230lbs | 73kg-105kg

Standard Outfitting

Skeletor Extreme 2

Hooptie Outfitting

Non Adjustable Hung Seat - 20kg shell.

Grab Loop


Fins Box



60 Gal | 228ltr