District 11

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Its a class 5 whitewater racing kayak. It’s an ocean rock hopping, wave jamming playing sea kayak. It’s a recreational kayak for rivers and streams. It’s that one kayak in the quiver that will do more than any other kayak you own, even though it’s the one you wondered if you’d ever need it. Once you paddle it, you’ll be changed forever.

The bow is influenced by downriver whitewater racing kayaks: cutting efficiently through the water rather than plowing through it like most whitewater kayaks. This makes it fast in a straight line and resurface instantly at the base of drops. The tail in turn takes its cue from slalom kayaks, that turn on a pivot. This allows us to reduce tail rocker, maintaining speed, yet still be highly maneuverable when correct techniques are used. Sprint on the nose, turn on the tail. Not everyone will take this into class 5, but even on your class 2 run it’s a blast to feel the speed.

Now take it into the ocean. Drop the skeg, and paddle onto incoming swells, or through reef strewn breaks. You can do your coastal workouts, and play in everything the ocean has to offer. Head to the lake cabin, and you’ve got a kayak that’s enjoyable to paddle even in totally calm waters, enjoying watching the bow cut effortlessly through sunrise mirror waters. A drop down skeg helps with flatwater paddling or racing in easy whitewater.

Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

District 11


11’6”| 350cm


23.5”| 60cm

Height (front)

11.4” | 29.2cm

Height (Back)

8” | 20.3cm

Nose Rocker

(Seam) 10.2” | 25.8cm   (Waterline) 5.1” | 12/1cm

Tail Rocker

7.9” | 20.1cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

34.3”| 87cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

20”| 51cm

Plastic Type (Orange colour)

High Density Superlink

Plastic Type (Yellow Colour)

Tri Beam Superlink

Boat Weight (Orange)

50.7lbs | 23kg

Boat Weight (Yellow)

44 lbs | 20kg (not suitable for hard whitewater)

Extreme Use Paddler Weight

130lbs-200lbs | 59kg-91kg

General Use Paddler Weight

100lbs – 240lbs | 45kg-108kg

Internal Outfitting

Skeletor Extreme

Grab Loops


Security Bars


Flip Up Skeg

Rotax Long blade


84 Gal | 317ltr