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As kids grow, so their equipment needs grow with them. We took a long, hard look at what it is that kids in about the 70-110lbs (30-50kg) range (this is a rough guide) need as their skills, confidence and size grow.

The Ride is inspired by the revolutionary Glide, and is the smallest of the series of 3 boats. But it is not just a small Glide - it's a unique design that has drawn heavily in many of its features from the Glide, but designed specifically for kids and their needs. It is the ultimate river running play machine. It's not a half slice, but its not a full slice either. It's certainly not an ICF freestyle kayak, but hoo, boy, is it fun on the river. 

Kids love to play, to surf, to spin. They want to experiment with squirting, so we've made this kayak ultra easy to squirt. But they also want a forgiving kayak that will let them challenge themselves in harder rapids. Well, we've done that too. Loads of nose rocker and super tucked sidewalls and rails, with a lifted stern rail, make this boat as forgiving as any, while the full planing hull opens up play features to every trick in the book.

Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name



6'3" | 190cm


23”| 58cm

Height (front)

11” | 28cm

Height (Back)

6” | 16cm

Nose Rocker

9” | 23cm

Tail Rocker

6” | 15cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

29” | 74cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

18” | 44.5 cm

Plastic Type

Hilex 14 (Except Hooptie - Blue HDPE)


Unicorn/Sunrise - Std  |  Midnight/Yellow - Performance

Beginner Use Paddler Weight

70lbs-120lbs | 31kg-54kg

General Use Paddler Weight

70lbs – 130lbs | 31kg-59kg  (140lbs-63kg possible)

Boat Weight Hilex 14

25lbs | 11.5kg

Boat Weight HDPE

29.3lbs | 13.3kg

Hooptie Outfitting

Non Adjustable Hung seat/ no footrest


Lifetime for Hilex 14. | 2yr for HDPE 

Grab Loops


Security Bar



39 Gal | 150ltr