One tree Scout 15

One tree Canoe
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The Scout 15 canoes are the workhorses of our product offering. They have a flat
shallow-vee bottom and fuller cross sections at the bow and stern to provide good initial and secondary stability and a nice compromise between manoeuvrability and tracking.

Lower height at ends also reduces effect of wind on open water.  Scout 15 canoes are available with 2 or 3 seats and are ideal for school or scout groups.  They can easily tolerate 2 adult paddlers with gear or up to 4 children / smaller paddlers.

These canoes operate in our hire fleet and we have found them to be predictable and
stable boats capable of handling a variety of conditions from open water to rivers with
moving water up to class 1.

Length: 4.6m, Beam: 85cm, Capacity: 300kg

Weight: 32kg standard

Delivery may take 3 -4 months from order