L'attitude Pack Raft Classic 250- Lightweight Red / Blue

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Whitewater Style Packraft - Lightweight with or wilthout Self bailing Holes

ThePackraft is made in the style of the whitewater packrafts designed originally by Kokopelli. Thinner and with more rocker, these kayaks are easier to manoever in waves and current. A little less stable than the classic, they are definately designed for speed and moves. 

The Whitewater version Featuring:

·        High quality Superlight PVC tubes for light weight , 420D tubes, 840D floor         

·        Inflatable seat and backrest           

·        Multiple attachment points -

·        Inflation bag, carry/storage bag, and tie strap.

-       Inflatable floor ( Option for Self Bailing). CAn choose from 3/4 floor or long floor.

Made of TPU, the raft is  light, abrasion resistance, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures. It has a special treatment for smooth, scratch resistant surface finish and asymmetric coating (inner thinner than the outside).The Raft is easy to repair, if needed and comes with a repair kit. 

Specifications:  Length 250cm, Width 93/83cm tube diammeter 27cm weight 3.5kg 4.5kg with accessories

Included in the package:  carry bag, repair kit, inflatable backrest and seat.





packraft size : 250 length  x 98 width x 28.5cm tube

material of tube : 420D TPU 

materila of floor : 840D TPU black.

Seat and back rest : 210D Nylon with 118t laminated

load : 1 person 

weight : 3.5-4KG for packraft only .