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My Sun is a new play boat for the sea.


The My Sun is built with a high rocker and a light V-shape to the hull to give lateral and directional stability along with a high cruising speed. It comes standard with deck lines and cargo net, adjustable seat and footrests, and two waterproof hatches. Custom fittings include day hatch and pocket hatch, telescopic footrests or Smart Track, skeg, compass and bilge pump.

Perfect for journeying and having fun on the waves and inshore around the cliffs. The boat is very maneuverable and easy to keep on course, a sea kayak which helps you out in all sea conditions. It is especially stable and predictable in the waves, making allowances for any lapses of concentration by the paddler

Construction kevlar/diolen 

Width 54 cm
Length 527 cm
Weight 21 kg
Transportable weight 120 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 86X45 cm
Peaks 2+1
Peaks volume Front 100 lt - Rear 95 lt - Day Hatch 38 l.
Volume 386 l.
Manufacturing Full volume-Medium Volume
Notes Volume Pocket Hatch 3 lt.-Day Hatch 38 lt.